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You just never know!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012   /   by Deborah Renna-Hynes

You just never know!

Yesterday My husband and I we sitting in the office doing the "Real Estate" thing.. He mention to me about a facebook post that one of our friends wrote..I read it and the only thing that came to mind was WOW!! and how beautiful it was and had to share so here goes

"Great story. For those of you that know me well, you know my plates read "DNT QUIT". we all go through difficult times in life. I'm in the parking lot at Wegmans (thats our local Grocery store) this morning. A women taps on my window and says "I just lost my job at Kodak after 32 years, I have no idea how I will take care of my kids and my home. I was asking God for a sign to help me continue. And then I pulled in behind you and saw the plates!"...she was in tears and felt she could find a way to survive. It was one of the most touching moments I ever experienced!"

I immediately thanked Pat for the posting. I then shared it with two people whom I have become friends with thru Real Estate. I was so touched with this that I had to share it and have shared it with the many people who I have come in contact with since reading. I guess you just never know when the answer is going to be out there for you.. and never look the other way when there is a "sign"